Silicone love doll -Kate

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Kate is a beautiful silicone doll, which has metal skeleton. She has the softest skin that will indulge you to have sex. Unlike other dolls, her eyes move in different angel.

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 Kate is a silicone love doll with Metal Skeleton meant to partner in wild fantasies conjured by your imagination. She has the right female body measurement, with perfect hip, waist ratio, and large perky breast to look seductive in your arms. She is ready to live up to your exploration from vaginal, oral and anal sex.  Her skin is so soft that she easily emulates real girl. She will amaze you with her breath-taking beauty and curvy figure!

Why Buy Kate?

  •         Kate can do vaginal sex, oral and anal sex
  •         She will remain faithful and will obey your every awkward move
  •         You should not afraid of the sexually transmitted diseases
  •         Limb joints free activity, the eye can be arbitrary angle rotation model
Kate is the newest member in our shop. She is a very sweet girl with beautiful big eyes and can make love with you whenever you ask for. She has a metal skeleton that enables her to take any posture that can please you.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 68 x 49 x 130 cm


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