Real Sex Doll – TPE Love Doll For Sale – Nancy 148cm (4ft10) D-Cup – Free Sex Swing

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Real Sex Doll for Sale – Nancy 148cm | 4ft10 | D-Cup

Meet Nancy, the most enchanting real sex doll made of authentic TPE from Doll Junction. You will be wowed by alluring beauty, that has been handcrafted by our sculptors for your maximum pleasuring and overall satisfaction. Her TPE composition makes her so soft that she feels so human to touch while her metal skeleton allows movement at the joints, making her a full-time temptress. Nancy is a realistic sex doll to the core and will forever be open to your sexual adventures anytime, anywhere. Her fetching beauty and her sizzling figure are enough to catch your eyes and assure the ultimate breathtaking pleasure, be it day or night, a real sex doll like Nancy is always welcoming. She is ready with her TPE body and soft breast for vaginal, anal and oral sex. Feeling lonely, no need to be sad anymore as the lifelike real sex doll Nancy is ready to offer you the best moment of the day. Like a true Casonova, she loves exploring sex and never gets tired, what more you can ask for?

Real Sex Doll Nancy 148cm | 4ft10 | D-Cup

      • Sex: Vaginal, Anal, Oral
      • Colour Option: White | Flesh | Tan
      • Eye Option : Brown | Blue | Green
      • Height: 148cm | 58in | 4ft10
      • Weight: 26kg | 54lb
      • Breast:  76cm | 30in
      • Shoulder:  35cm | 14in
      • Waist: 51cm | 20in
      • Hips: 74cm | 30in
      • vagina depth:18cm | 7in
      • anal depth:17cm | 6.7in
      • oral depth:13cm | 5in
      • Skin material : TPE
      • Inside : silicone with metal skeleton
      • Packing Size:143*49*33cm | 56*19*13 inch
      • Package: Sex doll, Wig, One suit (Heating Rod optional)
Nancy’s sizzling sexy figure rests on strong steel skeleton system that can easily bend at the joints easily, just like human being. You can put her in any position throughout dark adventures without any fear of tearing her as she is designed for maximum pleasuring. The depths of her love tunnels with silicone implants are so realistic that you will have the same feeling as having sex with a real woman.

Customizable Sex Doll –Nancy 148cm (4ft10) D-Cup

You can choose Nancy’s  skin color, eyes, wigs, nipple color, clitoris color, removable or fixed vagina, sound and heat technology etc. She becomes your true enchanter created according to your likeness. There are quite a few reasons to buy a real sex doll and here are few of them. -Nancy is your true synthetic lover who never says NO -Your level of satisfaction is important to her -No STDs or fear of pregnancy -Nancy will never demand anything or emotional bonding -She will help improve sexual stamina -Nancy can be used to spice your sexual life with your partner

Taking Care of a Real Sex Doll TPE -Nancy?

Taking care of your love doll made of TPE is easy and important to ensure long product life.
  • After every use, wash Nancy using lukewarm water and mild soap, however, avoid hot water baths.
  • Air dry completely before storing at a secure, cool place.
  • You cannot sanitize TPE sex doll completely, hence, a condom is advised when sharing with friends.
  • One should apply Talcum/baby powder/cornstarch time to time.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes that can tear her soft skin.
  • Please wash her new dresses to ensure there is no staining.
  • Water-based lube works best with her TPE composition.


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