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Real Sex Dolls

Your search for good quality, highly realistic TPE sex dolls with reasonable price tag, ends here at Doll Junction. As we all know sex is a major requirement of our body. It is an important part of marriage; it helps to build a strong relationship and has many other benefits. We can cite a number of examples when sex slaves were used to fulfill sexual desires. In fact, human prostitution is a major business in the whole world. There are a number of people who don’t really like the idea of forced sex or paying for sexual pleasures. To cater to their needs the sex doll industry saw a boost recently. Sex toys have existed in the market for long, however, real sex dolls, the latest addition, have brought smile and satisfaction in many lives.

We are the main supplier of real TPE sex dolls over the globe. Our adage is to furnish individuals with authentic TPE sex dolls to get extreme joy. The life-size dolls are realistic to the point that it gives an inclination that you are making out with your real partner. Our real sex dolls are made out of best quality materials and lightweight metal skeleton to emulate human body, in terms of beauty, figure and flexibility. They are highly detailed from the realistic skin folds of their vagina to the tight anal tunnel for maximum pleasuring. We guarantee discreet delivery to the individuals who buy real looking dolls from our site.

You can also order highly customized real sex dolls from choosing the right skin color, eyes, wigs, nipple color, clitoris color, removable or fixed vagina to make your real seductress. We can also create your paramour from a photo reference you provide. Look out for the best TPE love doll from our product gallery to enjoy the ultimate pleasure.

What Is A Real Sex Doll- ?

Realistic Sex doll is just another sex toy. It is a lookalike of a normal female person; in some case they also resemble popular personalities. They have the perfect shape and size which actually resembles a real female. They are made keeping in mind the physical needs of a human, for example, with perfect shape and smooth opening along with attractive assets that help to seduce a person right away. Real sex dolls are made with different materials such as Silicone or TPE, they are available in various budgets as well, depending on the size of the doll. For example the simple blow-up dolls can come anywhere between $100-$200, whereas the silicone dolls will take about $800-$1200, real dolls costing $5000-$6000 are also available. One can customize the real sex dolls according to their wish. In fact, we may see intelligent dolls in future that can speak and respond.

History Of Realistic Sex Doll

We can cite references of love dolls in primitive arts and objects. For example, sailors who went on long voyage used dolls made out of cloth, they were even given the name of “Dutch wives”. We can see references of real looking full size sex dolls in movies, stories and other literary forms, which indicate the existence of original dolls from the primitive times.

TPE Sex Dolls vs Silicone Sex Dolls

Both TPE and Silicone is derived from the same family of elastomers. However, TPE has a lower melting point than silicone and is softer, so if you are a breast lover, you are in for realistic feeling with TPE sex dolls. TPE feels smooth, dry and not sticky and has a lower incidence of causing an allergic reaction than most plastic and rubber materials in the market. The mucosal irritation test certifies it’s highly sensitive applications.

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compound is the latest material being widely used by the sex doll industry. This polymer can be molded or extruded, thus giving design freedom for the sculptors to create beautiful human structure. TPE is free of lead, PVC, any metal, and latex and can be found in and on many children’s products from rattle to pacifier handles and even menstrual cups.

TPE Sex Doll Manufacturing Unit

The granules are ordered from world’s largest manufacturer of TPE and processed under modern production conditions in SY doll factory. You can check their TDF (The Dolll Forum)reviews. All the process from heating to molding is controlled and monitored using quality control systems. Before investing more than $1000 in a doll, why not check the feel of the TPE material ? You can contact us at for free samples.

What Exactly To Expect From The Real Sex Dolls?

The sole purpose of using a real life sex doll is to get sexual pleasures. When you are lonely or your partner is staying away from you, or you had a break-up, a love doll is the best way to satisfy your desires without being involved with any other human being. A realistic doll looks just like a real person, hence it will be successful to give real like feeling while you are making it out with the doll. Secondly, you can fulfill all your wildest desires which you couldn’t successfully perform with your real life partner.