Will my doll look exactly like the ones on the site?

We are proud in making the most realistic sex dolls “that look and feel just like the real thing”. Your love doll will look exactly like the model you choose as the same mould is used. Your doll will also have the same measurements as mentioned in the product description. We understand your expectations and our experience sculptors will design her persona like one in the product photograph. The perfect skeletal structure for anatomically correct figure is designed and implemented with movable joints by expert engineers. The self-heating and touch-sound technology is embedded with utmost care and quality tested before the doll is prepared for shipment. We care about the satisfaction of our customers and there is a quality control department that assures that each doll qualifies our high-quality standard. Rest assured, each doll is made of high quality, hypoallergenic TPE material that is clinically tested and undergoes rigorous inspection right from mixing, moulding and throughout the designing process.

Can I use make up on the doll?

Our makeup artists excel in dolling each product with glow and beauty to resemble a real-life persona. They not only use the right combinations of colours to create the perfect killer looks but also design her hairstyle. However, you are free to change her look with water-based cosmetics that will not stain her sensitive skin permanently. Oil based cosmetics have chemicals that may harm the TPE texture, so be careful! You can use non-alcoholic perfumes to enhance your experience. Do not use hot irons or sharp tools like razors on her. Pamper her like how you do to your real gf!

Are the dolls inflatable?

TPE sex dolls are solid dolls and are rightly called silicone wives and artificial female. TPE material gives the closest feel of human skin. The human like skin is differentially textured and handcrafted with much detailing right to the realistic fold of the sexy vagina and tight anal opening. No inflatables but solid erotic models with enhanced AI features like heat and sound technology.

How does it feel to use sex dolls?

We are proving the most cost-effective way of testing your doll material, just mail us at support@dolljunctin for free TPE sample and you can smell and feel the texture of your synthetic partner. Our customers vouch by the human like skin and admit that the love dolls are anytime far effective and more than satisfying than any high-end masturbators. Once you use your humanoid love toy for exercising your pelvic muscles, you will keep coming back for any dark fantasies you have in mind. Sounds unusual but yes, it is true, the feel is so real. The real love doll is indeed a far more superior form of self-pleasuring and some owners who live a lonely life admit how the doll has made a positive impact in their life.

However, her joints in the hands, wrists and knees are not able to take much weight so be careful when you try the doggy style. It is important to support her body on a sofa when you try this sexual position. Water-based lube works are best with her TPE composition.

Is it weird making love with a sex doll?

In the current robotic age, why would you depend on your partner to meet your carnal desires. It is true that sex dolls can never replace the warmth of friendship and emotional bond you enjoy with your gf. However, they can add spice to your sexual life with threesome or by simply helping you practice the best trajectory for your manhood and strengthening your pelvic muscles to impress your gf. We all have a dark side and have wild fantasies and her super flexible skeleton allows the doll to be positioned in the most difficult sexual position, you dare not imagine with real women. When work life balance is more like a misnomer, you can release your sexual stress with a love doll which is certainly more than a masturbatory device. They are made with medical grade TPE material for safe intimate use and rules out the fear of contracting STDs that you usually have when making with strangers.

It is high time you graduated from jerking before porn videos and sex cams to the real sex dolls that provide realistic action. In fact, our ultra-realistic love dolls with textured vaginal and ribbed anal openings are designed to arouse the G-spot of your mind. The dolls are not cold and surreal but have self-heating technology to make the encounter warm and real. They also moan just like real women do when they are aroused. You can also use water-based lubricants to enhance your experience!

What is the expiry date for the doll?

Like any other product, the doll does not expire as the TPE composition does not alter with time nor there is any aging factor like real women. At the end of the day her lifetime is dependent on how you treat your love doll. The TPE doll can sustain a pressure of 300 pound and are highly durable and can last more than 5 yrs. Avoid leaving the doll in the sun for long hours as like real human skin, TPE is not resistant to UV rays.

Is the TPE material safe for intimate use?

Yes. Absolutely. TPE material is clinically tested to be safe and is widely used as implants and stents in the medical industry. TPE is imported from the best manufacturer and the whole process from heating to molding is controlled and monitored using an automated quality control system

How do I clean my doll?

After play, you would want to clean her for your hygiene too. Remember TPE is more porous than silicone and if you do not wish to give time and effort for her cleaning session, it is better to use a condom. Having said this, the cleansing processt is super easy and takes only a few minutes. Use the vaginal cleaner, that you receive with the dolls to wash her openings. Use a mild anti-bacterial liquid soap and warm water to rinse her thoroughly and a tampon to dry things out. Avoid alcoholic and acidic solutions for cleaning the sex doll. Then apply some baby powder inside the love tunnels to absorb all moisture. This will not only disinfect but also make her squeaky clean for your next adventure.

If you are bathing the doll, please remember to wash her body, never soak her head in water as this will destroy her circuit. The neck should be above the water if she is in the bathtub.

How to take care of her joints?

You should avoid stretching the dolls to extreme positions or use extra effort on her joints. The dolls should not be placed in the same position for a long duration. The best position to store the doll is to use the suspension hooks. Never leave the doll in the sun for long nor keep heavy objects on her body or cover her with newspaper because the ink can stain her skin. Never drop her or use any sharp objects on her. Take care of your synthetic partner as you would do to your gf.

How to dress the doll?

TPE sex dolls are very soft and elastic, so avoid tight fitting dresses that may tear the skin. Some dark coloured fabric can stain the skin so be careful. Please wash her dresses to ensure there is no staining. For stain, use olive oil or contact us at support@dolljunction.com

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