How to take care of a your Sex Doll

How to take care of a your Sex Doll
While you are buying a sex doll, you are making a safe investment in your sex life. So, if you don’t want to see the wastage of your hard earned money, you have to learn caring sex dolls. But how to care a sex doll? People often complain that the company has delivered them cheap sex doll, which is damaged quickly. But, what they missed is “the responsibility of caring a real sex doll.” Here is the step by step process of caring a love doll and increase its durability:

The silicon sex dolls are more flexible than the real woman is. You can use different evil postures while having sex with the dolls. However, be careful about the skeleton joints. Do not pressure on the wrist and hands. If you prefer doggy style, try to rest the sex doll on a pillow or furniture. Please do not try standing sex as the legs are meant to support the doll but cannot bear extreme pressure. We also recommend for water-based lubricant while entering in the anal or vaginal canal. Petroleum based lubricants can tear the skin.

To maintain good hygiene you have to clean all of the three holes (Vaginal, Anal, and Oral) after using it each time. Silicone sex dolls are less porous than TPE dolls but the threat of fungal growth is almost similar. If you are not very “cleaning type” person, then we will suggest you use a condom. Otherwise, pour mild antibacterial soap into the holes and rinse it with clean water. Use water till the soap is completely removed. Air dry the canals and the use renewal powder inside and out.

It is better if you thoroughly clean the sex doll or shower it with antimicrobial soap once in a month. You can sit with your sex doll in a bathtub but do not submerge the head or neck under the water. You can separate the face from the body and clean it with mild antibacterial soap or plain wet cloth. Allow it to dry at room temperature. Do not forget to apply renewal powder (easily available on Amazon).

The best skin care process of a silicone or a TPE doll is to use renewal powder. Try not to dry the skin with hot air dryer as it can make the skin tacky. It is wise to use a brush to dab powder on the skin. Avoid rubbing with rough clothes. If the skin is stained by ink or oil-soluble pigments then contact the seller or buy a stain remover.

One should be careful while selecting clothes for the sex doll. If the clothing is cheap in quality then it may have possibility to stain the doll. TPE is more porous than silicone. Hence, TPE dolls are more vulnerable towards pigments or inks than silicone. Not only clothes your sex doll could be stained by magazines, newspapers or leather materials. Hence, be careful while storing the doll. We highly recommend for cotton clothes (good quality).

Sex dolls have a metal skeleton which makes it little heavy but gives greater sexual pleasure. The movable joints allow dolls greater flexibility, but at the same time, you have to be careful that you are not putting too much weight that can break the joints. Be careful while moving the doll and not to drop it on hard surfaces as it can harm the skeleton. Avoid using sharp objects and stretching limbs with extreme forces. Remember that the manufacturers build the sex doll in an upright position. Hence leaving her in a bent position for a long time can damage or deform the body. On the other hand, try not to leave the real doll standing for a long time. It can also damage the doll’s skeleton. We found that many people love standing sex. However, vigorous standing sex can also damage a real doll.

The wig is one of the most important things when you are customizing a sex doll. Surely, you do not want freezy and ugly hair. Washing sex dolls ‘wig is an easy task. First, you have to remove the doll’s hair and then apply mild shampoo to wash the hair. You can also apply conditioner gently. Then dry the wig naturally (without blower). If possible, use a wig stand. Use an ordinary comb to comb the wig from the bottom to moving upward.


Having a satisfied sexual life with a TPE sex doll is fun. However, you have to be responsible while having a sex doll. Most of the sex dolls came with an instruction manual, where the company enlightened you, how to take care of the dolls. Read this manual before using the doll. Try not to share your sex doll with others to prevent contaminated disease. Clean the vagina, anal and oral canal regularly with antibacterial soap. We also recommend using condoms to avoid bacterial growth. Please use water based lubricant during sex to prevent tearing. Show responsibility to lead a better sexual life.

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