Sex Dolls can help in solving “the missing wives” – Issue in China

Sex Dolls can help in solving “the missing wives” – Issue in China

China is currently facing the biggest gender imbalances in the World. In China, about 118 boys born for every 100 girls. If this gender ratio persisted (which is very likely to be), in 2020 China will have 30 to 40 million bachelors. Now, the Chinese government can’t import 30 million wives from other countries to fill up the gap. So, what is the possible solution?


Thanks to the one-child policy of the Chinese government, it made a grave mistake that the next generation will suffer immensely. But, the Chinese government is not solely responsible to generate the issue. The mentality of Chinese society, which is “preferring male child over the girls” – also bears the responsibility. Believe it or not, the situation is finding its solution on its own. How? China is already famous for producing cheap blow-up dolls. Initially, only the blow-up dolls were famous as those were cheap, but the mass production of TPE and Silicon sex dolls within past few years have also declined the price tag of high-quality sex dolls.
While the Black Friday sales in America was not very good (10% dropped compared to last year), the shopping craze in China has skyrocketed. Alibaba, the leading online store in China showed an increment of average sales by 50% year-on-year. The sudden growth of sex doll sales in China attributed to the China’s gender imbalance and traditional preferences for sons. Wang Ran the manufacturer Shenzhen Feida says, “China’s decadeslong one-child policy and a traditional preference for sons has led to a severe gender imbalance, with some men finding it hard to find girlfriends.” China’s National Bureau of Statistics mentioned – China has 33.76 million fewer women than men, which triggered the impulse of using sex dolls and sex toys robustly. According to a recent survey, 75% of the Chinese adults either are using or willing to use love dolls.


The news of having 30 million wives is quite unnerving. The failure of one child policy failed precariously. The Chinese government corrected the policy and now the Chinese couples can have two children (no more than two). However, the damage has been done – over 30 million bachelors in China have no choice to be getting married. Many of them are marrying women from the other side of the borders (Myanmar and Vietnam), but the number is not sufficient. 
More than 60% men in China are now either using sex toys or buying sex dolls. Hence, it can lead to antisocial activities including sex trafficking. On the other hand, many businessmen took the advantage and started manufacturing real sex dolls at a cheaper price. Alibaba and Taobao experienced hike average 50% year-on-year in sex doll selling. The crisis of women in China was hugely reflected on the “Singles Day”, which was celebrated as the China’s biggest online shopping event. On this day, one seller sold one sex doll in every minute. The sellers mentioned that both online and offline sales surged on this particular date.
More than 65% of the sex toys were sold to males between the ages of 18 to 29. Yes, the situation is more depressing than it sounds like! This explosion was not anticipated five years ago. Although many people are offering many suggestions to control the gender balance of this country, the population itself is choosing “TPE sex dolls’ over other solutions. The usage of sex toys has been normalized from past few years than that of the other western countries. The society has welcomed the use of sex toys so easily that it is experiencing less social stigma than the other countries.


Sex dolls always played an important role in the Chinese society. The current gender imbalance situation has just propelled the sex doll usage among the common people. However, many people are concerned that overwhelming use of sex dolls may eventually lead to the decrease of affection for the real women. Whatever the situation is, China is leading towards a new dawn of sex dolls and AI sexbots.

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