Sex Doll: A Possible Cure for Pedophiles

Sex Doll: A Possible Cure for Pedophiles
The term pedophiles itself strikes fear. It signifies sexual act against the weakest and innocent segment of society, children who are below the age of consent. The medical fraternity argues that not all child rapists have pedophilia. The pedophile suffers from sexual attraction to children that may not always lead to child rape. However, the occurrence of child molestation is undeniable. Child molestation is serious enough to draw social stigma.


This statement is controversial yet so true that you can’t ignore it. While speaking about pedophiles, the first thing pop up in mind, is a picture of a child molester. Child raping and molesting are a punishable crime in our society. But, what if pedophilia is a chronic disease, just like Cancer or HIV? Dr. Cantor stated that there is a part of our brain that stimulates feelings. In general, while seeing a child, this section in our brain triggers “nurtures” feelings. But, in the case of pedophiles, this section triggers sexual urge when the person comes in contact with children. While our society is accusing and punishing pedophiles, the work of David Riegel (2004) is stating something different. Most of them (78.6%) reported no legal history of abusing any children. Researchers put forth that any disturbance in the chemical imbalance or “cross-wiring” in the part of the brain that controls our behavior is responsible for such sexual orientation. However, Sexuality is not just a biological phenomenon but also the result of psychological perspectives. Pedophiles are common people with a different sexual interest and most of them acknowledge their fatal behavior and come forward to seek help.


The Sexpo foundation is one such organization that works to stop exploitation and abuse. The letter by Sexpo executive director Tommi Paalanen says: “Both Sexpo services and international studies have shown that the risk of a sexual offense against a child can be reduced by providing a pedophile with a channel for their desires.” “Sex dolls are one such channel.” Technology is playing a major role in improving health care like robotic surgery, data collection, and research. Why then there is this outcry overuse of childlike sex dolls by pedophiles? From a study in the Czech Republic, it is evident that availability of sufficient child pornography leads to the decrease of actual child abuse.
Therefore, it can be concluded that pedophilia is a disease and the pedophile are people like us who have no intention to hurt the children unless they are provided with a proper channel to reach their sexual satisfaction. Mini sex dolls could help them just like the child pornographies. The benefit of using childlike sex doll is, it is affordable, and using these sex dolls pedophiles can get control on their sex urges while interacting with human children. 

Thought sum up 
Sex dolls can be used to treat the obsessive-compulsive disorder of the pedophiles and help in their personal development. These real sex dolls in small-size will not only help them to fulfill their sexual urge but also keep the society safer.

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