How are sex dolls made? Inside a Sex Doll Factory

How are sex dolls made? Inside a Sex Doll Factory

Sex dolls look ultra-realistic, like a piece of art that amazes our visual perception, fascinates our intellect and fires our sexual imagination. But have you wondered how are the sex dolls made, how does a sex doll factory look like? Is the place as amazing as the finished product? The fact is, the love doll that looks so breath-taking, takes a long process to be manufactured. And to be true, the whole job is freaky!

This article is written by Paige, Doll Junction sales team member while visiting the TPE sex-doll making factory in China, Guangdong province. The factory prohibits visitors from entering into the main production area, where the main mold is prepared and processed in furnaces and compression sections. This may be due to security reasons.


To be honest, the hanging body parts looked realistic but somewhat spooky. The first stop is in the R&D section where engineers experiment to enhance the TPE composition to make it even lighter and softer. The tremendous chemical advances made by them were evident in the new line of dolls. They looked even more beautiful with smooth skin texture, there was no odor and felt much velvety. You see why the Doll Junction dolls are cheaper compared to other online stores!! This is because of the weight solution that saves on shipping charges.  This high-grade TPE material is used in menstrual cups. I was astounded by their lifelike anatomical correct figure, the right amount of jiggling booties around their chest and waist and their silky, human-like skin texture.


The customization section is where eyes, wigs, nipple color, clitoris color etc can be customized according to your preference. Well, we all have some mental picture of our ideal partner and isn’t it amazing to have one, designed, just for you.

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