With virtual reality-redefining entertainment, it won’t be long when we will see lonely hearts pumping their desires over sex robots and satiating themselves. We are not talking about Futuristic sex robots characters in sci-fi movies!! This geeky concept of sex robots will be much more than those brainless robots that become self-destructive in the end. Imagine a seductress sexbot in your bed talking back to you and engaging with you in every move. There are already advance gadgets with interesting software trending in the market that is promoting robot-assisted virtual sex… Some real sex doll makers are integrating artificial intelligence app with their silicone sex dolls so they can reciprocate love. Robotic aids and virtual reality platforms like Google Glasses are working their way to destigmatize the sex doll industry.

All emerging technologies and artificial intelligence are aiming to make the sex robot something more than a sex toy. Sex robots will not merely use as an instrument to fulfill human fantasies but also to provide companionship like true-lovers.  Governments are envisioning sex robot brothels to stamp out human trafficking. It will also reduce the risk of spreading STDs as the robots would be cheaper and safer than human prostitutes. The futuristic fantasy dollswill have the illusion of being real from 10 feet away. Hence, it will be a great comforter for people who dread being in a relationship.

Over the years, psychiatrists will be using the sex robots in their therapy sessions. The parents will be ordering them for their challenged grown-up children. For example in the movie Lars and the Real Girl, the movie revolved around a socially inept personality called Lars who develops a romantic relationship with a Love Doll named Blanca.

The sex robots in its human-ish beauty, design, and movement will have a hypnotic effect with moving eyes and verbal interaction that owners will be proud of their silicone love. Even a loner who enjoys his/her company needs someone to simply lend an ear and the time will come when robots will be programmed to read your feelings and comfort you. They will never judge you nor decline your moves in the weirdest hour of the day. These robots will position themselves in the right posse, ready to materialize your wild sexual fantasy and moan & grunt just like your human partner.


Some feminist group says that sex robots is dehumanizing and will promote the psyche of objectification of female body leading to increasing in violence against the fairer sect. Dr. Richardson, a robot ethicist at De Montfort University in Leicester, said to the BBC, “Sex robots seem to be a growing focus in the robotics industry and the models that they draw on – how they will look, what roles they would play – are very disturbing indeed,”

However, is it not that prostitution gives power to the buyer to objectify the seller’s body? Affordable sex dolls in a way will save growing prostitution and child trafficking.  There are men who have problems in having a relationship with females for various reasons and buying quality sex doll to satiate your need for sex is a safe option.