Earlier we had access to basic blow up doll. To make the experience more intense manufacturer tried and tested different materials, and silicon sex dolls became very popular. These realistic dolls have a soft and subtle body, which gives a natural feeling. It also arouses a genuine urge to get physically close with the dolls. Later we saw the rise of the TPE dolls, another great material to build dolls that look like real women. The future sex dolls are the next stage of the ordinary TPE and silicone sex dolls.


Robot sex dolls popularly known as sexbots are on trials and soon the market will be flooded with dolls equipped with artificial intelligence. David Levy, artificial intelligence expert and international chess champion said about sex robots “will have the capacity to fall in love with humans and to make themselves romantically attractive and sexually desirable to humans.”

Thanks to technology, people love the factory made products as much as they do their real lady love. The main reason why people are generous enough while spending on these real sex dolls is very simple. The reason is not everyone wants to be in a relationship yet wants to enjoy sexual pleasure. Some brag about the fact that buying a real sex doll is far cheaper than maintaining a relationship with a real woman.

Well, let’s not get into that argument whether a realistic sex doll is really better than human beings or not. It totally depends on the taste, in fact, people who are in healthy relationships, are ordering sex dolls. The dating couples or even married couples are ordering real sex dolls. Thus we can say people who are lonely are using the sex dolls to find a companion in them. On the other side, people who are already in a relationship are looking for some excitement.


Most of the people who buy sex dolls are slightly older in the age. It indicates they are not very good with women or women to have lost interest in them. Others who buy cheap real sex doll are either mourning for their lost love or have been heart broken by some mean lady.

What is common among all these men is their urge for physical closeness, pornography and going to brothels can heal the hunger temporarily but what about a permanent solution? Nobody wants to sit long in front of television, and also one wouldn’t like spending money on prostitutes daily. Hence the making of real sex dolls. They are not just blow up dolls, joining hands with technology we can see some great advancement in the sex doll industry with realistic sex dolls, which can bend and control body temperature. The day is not far when realistic sex dolls will communicate with us.