Charity encourage to avail sex dolls by NHS to help the Paedophiles

Charity encourage to avail sex dolls by NHS to help the Paedophiles

Paedophilia is still considered as a crime in our society rather than a type of mental disease or disorder. Certainly, there are reasons behind the hatred. Societies and laws over the world are taking drastic measures to stop pedophiles, but it is only making the situation more complex. So, what is the ultimate solution? One of the proposals, which is currently surfacing in media is – the use of sex doll. An Asian country like China is producing and flooding the market with sex dolls. Both TPE dolls and silicone dolls are now in the market and number of sex doll users are increasing day by day. While the manufacturers are creating adult dolls, the demand for child love dolls is also rising day by day. It is found that people in the European country are importing child love doll from the Chinese manufacturers. However, the European manufacturers are also actively producing child sex dolls over past few years. The selling rate of child love doll is jumping day by day. Nowadays people also have the opportunity to buy an adult or child sex doll from the renowned e-commerce platforms such as, eBay, and Amazon. When a group of people is actually considering the child sex dolls as a possible cure for the pedophiles, another group of people is considering – selling and buying real love dolls is hypocrisy. A controversy has been coiled up recently when authorities managed to cease some of the child sex dolls during transport.


People are using sex toys were almost accepted in the societies throughout the world, but these same societies are not accepting sex dolls, even if it is for their good only. Juliet Grayson, the chairman of Stopso mentioned that “the society should consider the use of dolls.” She further added, if anyone comes forward with the guilt of pedophilia who want a child sex doll to ensure other children remain unharmed, it is our duty to help him to do so. Allowing pedophiles to import and use child love doll can literally help some innocent men who don’t want to hurt children. However, a UK judge recently ruled that child sex dolls are “obscene.” More than 120 child sex dolls seized by the British authorities at border control points. However, many people have challenged the decision of banning child sex dolls as these sex toys and sex robots are easily available on eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba.


People who are attracted the children are diagnosed as the pedophiles by the doctors. They can’t help themselves but engage into an intimate relationship with the children. A large number of the girl child are the victim of pedophile disease of men. However, there are no medical options to cure pedophiles. Then how to those people who are diagnosed as pedophiles but don’t want to hurt ant child? The benefits of using child sex doll come here. The use of adult silicone doll and TPE dolls are widely used. What if the manufacturers can develop similar doll that looks like minors? It will be a great help to the help seekers. Sex doll manufacturers in Asian countries like China and in European countries are already producing childlike sec dolls with an average height of 3’5”. These beautiful dolls are also found in e-commerce seller sites like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay. Besides, if you want a customized doll, you can also place a similar order to the manufacturers. Although most of the Chinese manufacturers are producing childlike doll and exporting them, they are not always accepting the truth openly. On the other hand, many manufacturers are not producing childlike dolls because of social “moral” values.


Every people has right to live their life freely and without harming others. People who are suffering from pedophilia and fighting themselves not to harm any child – deserves our kind attention and help. Encourage the pedophiles to buy and use child sex dolls so that they can learn to control their desire and live in the society peacefully.

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