A Brief history about Love Dolls or Sex Dolls

A Brief history about Love Dolls or Sex Dolls

Here there will no fantasying the LOVE DOLLS.  It will be about facts and figures and a brief history of love dolls or sex dolls. It about how these dolls have changed time to time.

In June 2006, an article published by Henrik Christensen of the European Robotics Research Network on UK’s Sunday Times that “people are going to be having sex with robots within five years”.

According to the current scenario, “Sex dolls and toys” market is growing day by day.

According to a source through Wikipedia:

As of 2008, it was valued at US$15 billion worldwide, with a growth rate of 30%.  China is leading manufacturer of Sex doll, up to 70% of sex dolls and toys manufactured here. This sex dolls, highly sold in online and local shops, at conventions associated with the adult industry and at parties. However, some items, like “hand Held massagers “are sold in outlets and drugstores.”

Ovid’s Metamorphoses is the first evidence of love dolls that we found in history. During, 8 AD, sculptor Pygmalion hated and persistently avoid all women.  He sought to make life stem from ivory sculptures. Later, he fell in love with—Galatea-one of his sculptured statue. He showered her with kisses and presents and spends time with witty conversation. Till death, Pygmalion avidly avoided the real woman, however, he pleaded to Aphrodite for giving life to the statue.

According to the shreds of evidence, sex dolls originated in the 17th century. Spanish named as dame de voyage and in French, they called it as dama de viaje. The predecessors of today’s modern real sex doll were these dolls.  However, that time dolls were not a much realistic sex doll. They used to make sex dolls with sewn or old clothes for the sailors in the sea. They used clothes made love dolls when remaining isolated in long voyages.

Even, you can see love dolls in Mughal paintings of India. A Mughal man copulating with a sex doll and dildos mounted on a board.

Again one of the earliest records shows that the sex dolls manufactured first in 1908:   According to German Dermatologist; Iwan Bloch, in his book, he wrote that;

In this connection, we may refer to fornicatory acts affected with artificial imitations of the human body, or of individual parts of that body. There exist true Vaucansons in this province of pornographic technology, clever mechanics who, from rubber and other plastic materials, prepare entire male or female bodies, which, as hommes or dames de voyage, subserve fornicator purposes. More especially are the genital organs represented in a manner true to nature. Even the secretion of Bartholin’s glansis imitated, by means of a “pneumatic tube” filled with oil. Similarly, by means of fluid and suitable apparatus, the ejaculation of the semen is imitated. Such artificial human beings are actually offered for sale in the catalogue of certain manufacturers of “Parisian rubber articles

Different shreds of evidence also support that Nazis also invented sex dolls or love dolls during World War II. During World War II in 1941, Hitler wanted his troops to stay STI free and from the local French prostitutes. The sex doll was a part of “the Borghild Project”. SS Heinrich Himmler commissioned to work and supply 50 real like silicone sex dolls. However, the soldiers felt embarrasment by these dolls. This referred to close the project within one year. However, nobody officially confirmed this project and thereby treated as HOAX.

After World War II, the transformation of sex dolls into the more sophisticated realistic sex doll .

In 2009, the Germans upped the ante on their “Seemannsbraut” which means Pocket Pussy and developed it to modern android love dolls. These dolls can breathe and even have a pulse for a more lifelike feeling.


Below I have shared an Infographic on History of Sex Dolls to vast your knowledge. Check out and please post a comment and let know about your feedback.

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