Breakup Depression and Modern Remedies

Breakup Depression and Modern Remedies

Romantic relationships are a huge deal. Love is never planned; it can come and leave at any time and any day. No two relationships are the same, neither two breakups.

And breakup? Oh dear! it is an even bigger deal. Loss of a companion is not dealt in the same way by everybody. Some handle it quite pragmatically, they choose to move on with life and learn to enjoy themselves, explore themselves in thrilling ways. On the other hand, some indulge themselves in huge grief or as the term goes ‘go blue’.

It is OK to indulge in grief. As John Green says, ‘Pain demands to be felt’. You see, he/she was your partner, your good morning and good night partner, your partner for 20 thousand breakfasts and dinners, your partner in sickness and health, your sexual partner, your no-sex only cuddle partner, your home and all of a sudden they are gone.

Why do people break up?

There are several possible reasons for a relationship to fall apart. Unsatisfactory emotional support, mental mismatch, toxic feelings, affairs, sexual dissatisfaction and many more. There are 7.7 billion people on Earth, and the chances of meeting your soulmate have a very low success rate. So, the first step to dealing with a breakup is accepting it. Yes, it has happened to you, yes you are sad, you feel hopeless, but you have one life.

Not many people know how to do that though and being unable to accept the situation can lead a person to unhealthy grief. And what’s unhealthy? Depression!
Depression is not a disease that can be identified physically, it is all in the head of the person dealing with it. Be it a separation of a live-in relationship or a marriage, depression can affect largely. Severe depression has some of these symptoms:

  • Change in sleep pattern; sleeping too less or way too much than normal.
  • Change in appetite; losing a lot of weight or gaining a lot.
  • Anger or irritation in minor situations.
  • The feeling of being blank or helpless.
  • A sudden outburst of emotions.
  • Problems in concentrating or reckless behavior.
  • Self-loathing and a feeling of worthlessness.
  • Suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

Suicidal thoughts are the ultimate and severe-most stage of depression. When a person comes up with a thought that this life is not worth living, there’s no bringing him back. Talking to a therapist and going through counseling helps, however, if you are depressed only you have the ability to come out of it.

Coming out of Depression:

Going to a doctor means coming home with a lot of anti-depressants. These medications do help reduce depression in some people, but they cannot cure it. Curing depression needs mental well-being.

  1. Self-love is the first thing that can take you out of depression. If you love your own company when you are alone, that feeling of worthlessness can never take you down. Make time for yourself, do whatever activity you love the most.
  2. A happy stomach is a Happy Heart. Indulge in good food, cook yourself a healthy meal. Or take yourself out for a dinner date, all by yourself.
  3. Travel as much as you can. Going to new places gives us new visions. New people, new food, new things to look at is a chance to explore yourself in a new way. Enjoy adventure sports, you always thought of, or the forest you decided to explore. Smell the place and let it make you forget who you used to be.
  4. Self-Pleasure lets you understand what excites you. Excitement is vital when you want to fall in love with yourself. Touch yourself! Yeah, you heard me right. Touch yourself in ways you want yourself to be touched. Explore masturbation. Learn what it does, learn the different ways of giving yourself pleasure. There are several sex-toys available in the online market, get yourself some and try them out on yourself. Even though it is not similar to having sex with a companion, but it feels somewhat similar. Masturbation causes the release of dopamine and oxytocin referred to as ‘the love hormone’. It relaxes your body and destresses you; it boosts your mood and makes you happy.

Sex to cope up with depression:

To be very honest, sex is fun. Sex is an antidepressant and makes you happy altogether. But breakup kind of messes up your sexual life. Your companion is gone, your life gets devoid of sex. Getting into a new relationship just to cope up with loneliness and have sex is just not legit. Modern problems require modern solutions. Have you come across the term ‘Love doll’ or ‘Sex Doll’?

TPE Sex dolls these days come with modern technologies, but their history goes back to the 1600s. They are realistic male or female figurines and look similar to a work of art with the perfect figure, face, and features. Female sex dolls come with a fully functional vagina and male ones with a penile attachment. Their skin is soft and warm to give a realistic feeling. They come with in-built AI sound and heat technologies with erotic spots for you to explore and make your sex life-like.

Why choose a Love Doll over a real companion?

  1. A love doll has no expectations of you. They are only there to give you pleasure whenever you want. There are no-strings-attached. They do not have ‘not today’ mood swings and can be used every day as many times you want.
  2. When with a companion, there are chances for your failure in providing intense orgasm to your significant other, but a real-life love doll has no dissatisfaction issue. It works accordingly, as you wish, as much as you can handle.
  3. A sex doll can fulfill your wildest dreams; kinky or fetish desires. A real woman may not be comfortable with that idea.
  4. No Pregnancy alerts! When using a love doll, there is no chance for you to get pregnant or get somebody else pregnant. Which also means ‘no protection’ required. You are free to have your best climax with a love doll.
  5.  Realistic sex dolls are customizable, you can choose its look, appearance, and size. If you enjoy bigger features you can grab a bbw sex doll, if you do not, there are other slender options.
  6. You can have the best sexual performance with a love doll. They aren’t there to judge, so you would not tense up thus can enjoy the best sex session.

I can keep on giving you advantages, but the best way to understand is to experience a sex doll. It will not only help you come out of depression but will also make your life thrilling and happier.

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