5- Weird and funny sex doll stories

5- Weird and funny sex doll stories

Sex dolls are popular items in the market, and there is news of their realism flying everywhere. Even if you are new to this topic, you must already know sex dolls look like real people. They possess all the body features and are made to provide pleasure. You can customize the appearance of the sex doll and implement AI upgrades. 

These are common news and almost everybody can find these out in a sex doll blog. But… Did you know there are some weird and funny stories as well? Let’s read some

Weird and funny real sex doll stories: 

  1. Abandoned doll was mistaken to be a corpse

Last August 2020, Brittney Pennington of Virginia Beach, US, was out fishing with her boyfriend Taylor. They saw a foot peeping out of some rocks and freaked out thinking it to be a dead body. Brittney called 911 claiming she had seen pair of legs, a bum, and breasts and that it’s a corpse. When the police came, the figure looked so real, they too thought it to be a homicide. However, the overall matter came out to be hilarious when they figured out it was just an abandoned sex doll.

  1. The woman who aspires to be a doll

Everybody who has seen a sex doll has wanted to have one. But have you met someone who dreams to look like one? Well yes, there is. 

Cindy Moore of Salford, a 31-year-old mum of two, spent a huge amount just to do this. And not just any amount but $12k. She has gone through a boob job, multiple lip fillers, and had extensions to look like a human sex doll. She also changes her lifestyle and eating habits to keep her size doll-like. Hence, here is a woman who spends thousands of dollars to look like a real sex doll.

  1. The man who stole sex dolls

Real sex dolls are expensive, but stealing one? Not good. But this has actually happened in Australia. A man in Melbourne stole a sex doll worth $4.5k from an adult store. He was caught in CCTV footages, smashing barriers with a bolt cutter and fire extinguisher.  

The fun yet disturbing part is, the whereabouts of this doll remains unknown, and the police are looking for information.

  1. Police accidentally rescued a sex doll

This is another funny news we came across. The Dutch police in Amsterdam received a call, that a lifeless woman in her underwear was found standing at her window. However, when they broke into the building, all they found was a lifesize sex doll. The police claimed this is something that happened for the first time. 

  1. The angel sex doll from the sky

Back in March 2020, a funny incident occurred that went viral on Facebook. A 21-year fisherman from Indonesia claimed he saw a falling angel three days post a solar eclipse. The news spread fast and the police came in for investigation. All they found was a lifeless sex doll. However, the locals considered it to be some holy spirit. They changed her clothes and even gave her a hijab to wear. 

Funny what sex dolls can do, isn’t it? Well, that was all the stories for now. Do you know of any other sex doll incidents? Feel free to share. Also, check out some real dolls in this TPE sex dolls collection.

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