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Here at Dolljunction, we pride ourselves on supplying you with a different sexy sex doll for every fantasy. Every man looks for adventure a little differently. What is your pleasure- what turns you on? Whether it is massive boobs or small titties or sexy butts, we have you covered.

Look at the ultra realistic life size dolls on our website. Thanks to the latest advancement in elastomer engineering, platinum TPE feels very close to human skin. Gaze at the sexy curves of our real dolls, their taut stomachs, their toned legs, their jiggly tits. These love dolls are model-quality and every bit sensual for real hot sex.

How often do you meet a girl who looks amazing and is equally passionate about real sex. Well, that is the quality of silicone wives and these sexy sex dolls will absolutely blow your mind. Do you want a girl to your bed today? Contact us and we understand the problem only too well… and we do what we can to bring these beautiful AI enhanced life like sex robots into your lives.

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Buy TPE material and test its smell, skin softness before you spent over $1000 on a doll – support@dolljunction.com

Doll Junction, the best sex doll store for 100% realistic sex dolls

Doll Junction is the most reliable sex doll shop for realistic, life like sex dolls in TPE and silicone. Quality comes at a price, all solid, high quality sex dolls are made with medical grade TPE and silicone material, under strict control. Please be aware of scam sites that are selling low quality dolls over the net and invest your precious money wisely. You can't judge the quality of TPE material from videos or photos so contact us for free TPE samples and we will charge only the shipment cost.

In Doll Junction, TPE Realistic sex dolls are sourced from the world famous TPE sex doll Manufacturing Factory, SY Doll in China, Guangdong province. They are the number 1 supplier of love dolls in retail markets in Southeast Asia. Since we also deal with the retail market in China, we are able to negotiate the lowest pricing possible for these realistic high-quality dolls. We do not have middle agents and we ship directly from the company which gives us the edge to offer such reasonable pricing.

These high quality hyper-realistic, life size sex dolls look likes pieces of art that can enlighten your visual perception, fascinate your intellect and fire your sexual imagination. Both TPE and silicone material have soft, velvety texture and smoothness resembling human skin empowered with a flexible skeletal system and realistically carved vagina and anus. Each real sex doll is handcrafted with high definition detailing that they can be easily mistaken for real women. Doll Junction provides free customization from the top of their head to the tips of their toes. Our sculptors can create any skin color or any style for her face, eyes, wigs, body and can even work from your photo reference.

Our clients’ interest is our priority. We make sure that every client can navigate through the site easily to find their love dolls. We offer 24*7 email support to engage with us regarding any product query through our mail – support@dolljunction.com. On your demand, we will also get on call with you. Whatever your queries we are always there to guide you. Our service page is so simple that you will never feel any problem to select your dream silicone TPE sex partner and place the order. Our team is ready for any customization you require for your doll, the options can readily be chosen when you make your purchase.

Developing affordable and high quality dolls is what we do for each client. We also prioritize your confidentiality. For delivery purpose, we require the complete address and your contact details and we make sure these information should remain secure in the cloud and the parcel should be delivered discretely in time

Realigning perception, technical breakthrough and advancement in elastomer engineering, our goal is to produce realistic lifelike sex dolls that not just enhance your sexual life but also incorporate into your latest lifestyle behavior.

Is it OK to own a sex doll?

Have you heard about Kamasutra, the Hindu text dating between 400 and 200 BCE? It is considered the oldest manuscript on sexology. In the 17th century, Dutch sailors used cotton love dolls with orifices on their long voyages. The life like sex dolls in TPE and silicone are successors of these dolls called “dame de voyage” and “dutch wives.” Our forefathers loved and explored sex and you are doing the same with the help of technology.

There is a legend that Hitler had sex dolls designed for his soldiers to discourage them from having sex with non-Aryan women. While the modern man finds love dolls safer than one night stands, their popularity and acceptance in the society has increased manifold. With advancing technology, innovators proclaim that we are in the sex bot 1.0 era. Artificial intelligence expert David Levy predicts AI dolls may soon end up replacing human prostitutes. The sex doll industry has grown leaps and bounds covering every realistic detail from head to toe in order to emulate their organic counterpart.

So, if you have decided to invest in a love doll instead of spending time and money on blind dates with real women, it is OK, because you hardly have a fair chance in the first encounter. The doll can neither make you a “pervert” or a “broke” and can become your temporary mistress till you find your life partner. These ultra-realistic dolls celebrate the beauty of a female body and embrace the fact that sex relaxes mind and body. The doll can never break your heart and with time, you will bond with your synthetic partner as you give her a bath and snuggle with her in cold nights. This is the reason why sex therapists are providing love dolls in old age homes because loneliness is depressing. Companionship is important, you share similar relationship with your synthetic partner like people who share their innermost feelings with strangers on the internet. When women can proudly objectify the penis (Vibrators, Dildos) and use it for their satisfaction, it is time men stand up for their cause.

It is perfectly OK if you own a sex doll instead of jerking before sex cams and in hand held mastubrators. It is fine to have sex with a sex doll instead of enjoying painful acts of female porn stars in violent and fetishized gangbangs and anal sex. The porn industry is using these artists as living sex dolls and it is OK when you say NO to this degrading form of entertainment. The feeling with sex doll is very close to the real thing as you enter her ribbed vagina, her light suction-cup mouth and tight anus. With the silicone love girl at your behest, you will definitely find yourself sexually satisfied.

Every individual has the right to enjoy his/her sexual freedom without causing harm to anyone and love doll, just helps you to do so…. Trusting a woman is one thing a lot of men have just given up on! Instead of turning to prostitutes for casual sex, love dolls are fast becoming synthetic lovers providing companionship to loners. Numerous Manufacturers are creating custom-faced dolls for their clients resembling anyone from movie stars to ex-girlfriends. In fact, Japan now has brothels offering anime sex dolls to their customers as Japanese are fans of anime characters. Real life sex dolls are being gifted by wives to their husbands to prevent them from being unfaithful or simply to spice up their sex lives. They are also being gifted as gag gifts. These inorganic lovers are not only a convenient way to satiate your sexual appetite but also a safe way of keeping yourselves away from sexually transmitted diseases. Some manufacturers are creating most realistic sex dolls in small sizes to prevent pedophiles from molesting real children. Hopefully with these realistic and life like sex dolls, human trafficking of sex slaves around the world — will disappear!! There are instances when women driving alone especially at night use male sex dolls as ideal driving companion to deter road-rage attacks by giving the appearance of two people in the car, instead of a single, female figure behind the wheel. The growing number of sex doll forums bustling with increasing number of doll lovers, indicates how silicone sex dolls have come a long way and are being widely accepted by the society.

Who buys sex dolls? Doll Junction has had customers from across the globe, few couples who bought a sex doll to spice up their sex lives while some were married who did not want to cheat on their real partners while a great number of them were single, young men who wanted sex dolls to help them recover from heart break. Sex doll is popular among photographers as they are amazing models. Their perfectly flawless skin allows hardly any touch-ups and with just the right expression and pose, the boring shoot becomes fun to explore while also saving time and money! Sex doll owners are not perverts but are just normal people with a unique need a sex doll can accomplish.

Get number of benefits from Love dolls

With advancement in elastomer engineering, such advance polymer materials are being produced that mimic the experience of human skin, warm and soft to touch. Realistic silicone dolls are now so life-like that making love to them is far from feeling artificial. They come with authentic-looking hand painted acrylic eyes, movable limbs, detailed from head to toe and the skin that feels so real to touch. The real sex dolls are being made more and more flexible which means that they can be put into any complex sexual positions. Men generally have stronger sex drive than women and your doll will always ready to appease you. It is also a common fact that sex reduces stress while releasing oxytocin, the so-called “love hormone” that acts as a natural sedative and also helps keep estrogen and testosterone levels in balance. It then makes sense that sex often leads to restful sleep which carries a host of other benefits — from lower blood pressure to a longer lifespan. However, for some men in various circumstances, relationships with women can be risky in terms of time, effort, and money. Relationship can fail and leave you heartbroken but that does not mean your sexual life should suffer. Lastly with these reasonably priced, affordable sex dolls resembling real flesh, you can enjoy silent and understanding companionship while you will never be left high and dry as they will never say no to you. No nagging, no mind-games, no fear of cheating and you get a hot and sexy “woman” at your beck and call. Many new customers have limited idea about the benefits of using a silicone sex doll. To fulfil them, here are some benefits of using a love doll.

  • You do not need to buy condoms as there is no fear of unwanted pregnancy
  • No threat of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
  • Don’t have to worry about cleaning and maintenance as it is easy
  • Your silicone love doll won’t demand neither your time or money from you
  • Practice with a  real life sex doll will help yougain control over your pelvic muscles and ejaculation
  • A full size silicone sex dolls can be put with ease into any posture to satisfy your sexual pleasure
  • Lifelike sex doll is one time investment and much cheaper than visiting brothels
  • Healthy alternative for people with disabilities and sexaholism
  • With realistic sex doll there is no fear of cheating your partner

Different people have different fantasies about their sexual life. The use of silicone sex doll can help them meet their fantasies. Sex dolls and sex bots are the future. You just can’t deny the truth and stay blind.

Real Sex Doll – How to use and take care?

First of all, there is no specific rules to use your real doll. Love dolls that we provide are extremely flexible with soft lifelike skin. You will feel excited in her life like vagina and anus. You can bend the lovely girl in any posture to have maximum pleasure. On the other side, you can change her hairstyle and dresses. She will look stunning in the sexy lingerie that you have bought for her. Many people get confused and considered love doll similar to mannequin. The point is, a lifelike love doll has an appearance of a mannequin because of her anatomically correct figure, but unlike it, she is more flexible (made with silicone and TPE) and have artificial vagina, anus and mouth hole. You can use all three of these holes to satisfy yourself anytime. Taking care of these dolls is very easy. After using the silicone doll, you just have to wash her with water and mild soap. Allow the doll to air dry completely before storing it at the safe place. You can also use light talcum powder to make the silicone skin smooth. The overall maintenance process of the doll is a piece of cake.

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